“Ask a Philostipher ‘n See What He Says”

Part V, first instalment: First published: August 18, 2020 Trigger Warning: May contain nerds, or traces of nerds. I fear I may have overdone the well-known popular-culture references in the previous article. To restore balance, this one instead leans towards niche-ey/obscure/high(ish)brow ones, starting with the title of the piece. Nerdy in-jokes, basically. Not too muchContinue reading ““Ask a Philostipher ‘n See What He Says””

Ask a Philostipher (yet again)

Part V, third instalment: This third instalment is intended to be the last, for the time being, that tries to map out the philosophical basis upon which Buddhist beliefs and practices rest. It takes quite an effort of will to decide to draw a line here, since this philosophy section has been growing exponentially outContinue reading “Ask a Philostipher (yet again)”