The first 7 posts were originally published, in rather more concise form, in Thailand’s Plus Seven magazine, in 2020. Beginning as an account of a personal journey back in 2002 from London’s music industry, via drug addiction, to a Buddhist monastery. After that, it veers in multiple directions, but usually swerving back to a core curriculum of overcoming the bad stuff.

These pieces are ordered like a standard blog, with the latest first. If you would prefer to read them in sequence, then that would be starting here.

Elementary – part II

Hello! Continuing to address my own sceptical question, “aren’t stories just for kids?” I am now going to present my second auto-rebuttal – the one I called “general” – a bit more. Hopefully, by the end of this I will have got some way to making the case that we continue through adulthood to interpretContinue reading “Elementary – part II”


I reckon it is fast-approaching time to move on from mythic lands, and instead focus the next pieces on some more immediately obviously practical stuff. I have amassed a bit of a backlog there of things I would like to share, mainly as a result of cross-referencing my own experience with that of others, whoContinue reading “Elementary”

Hiscules vs Themesis

In last week’s post I was intending to rip through a lightning tour of heroic myths, ancient and modern, and make the case that these are really worthwhile things to get into. I think I can summarise my reasoning as being along lines that: I believe that the big, proper myths do not in factContinue reading “Hiscules vs Themesis”

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Hercules and the Seven Monkeys. And also this guy –

Hello again! Following my somewhat spontaneous seasonally-inspired departures into sermonising, I think it is time to retire my Church-of-England vicar altar-ego, along with the tinsel and the tree-lights. I would like to thank any regular readers of this blog for indulging any sentimentality that may have crept in – possibly a bit of homesickness goingContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Hercules and the Seven Monkeys. And also this guy –”

Peas be with You

As a reverend gentleman of the cloth hailing from the leafy and undramatic Home Counties of England [non-Brits, think: “The Shire”], in an unscheduled departure from usual programming, I have decided to exercise for the first time, my God & Queen-given right to compose a cozy Christmas homily. Were I to do this in lineContinue reading “Peas be with You”

Tree – mend us

So, it took me nearly 6 months of procrastination deep reflection and research to come up with the last blog post, in which I then rashly gave myself a fortnight to come up with this one. I have decided that deadlines and structures are good for me (much as I resist them), while “getting aroundContinue reading “Tree – mend us”


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