Please note: This blog is – at the moment – in a rather confusing order. Everything but the latest consists of re-edited and expanded versions of a series of articles originally published in Thailand’s Plus Seven magazine in 2020. They have a continuous narrative, and so are arranged in the opposite order to a traditional blog, ie. oldest first. This means that the arrows at the bottom “Previous/Next Post” are the wrong way around – you’ll figure it out. But I have just decided to continue writing. I’ll have a think about structure another day. It’s late now…

Tree – mend us

So, it took me nearly 6 months of procrastination deep reflection and research to come up with the last blog post, in which I then rashly gave myself a fortnight to come up with this one. I have decided that deadlines and structures are good for me (much as I resist them), while “getting aroundContinue reading “Tree – mend us”

Fellowship of the Bling

Part the Third: First published August 4, 2020 Plus Seven The last article was mainly a story of internal drama. Externally, what was now happening was that I was in a communal room with half-a-dozen assorted westerners, inside a walled compound containing around fifty detox patients overseen by eight or nine monks. This, in turn,Continue reading “Fellowship of the Bling”

Jedi Hobbit

Part IV: In which popular-culture references begin to spiral out of control. First published August 4, 2020 Plus Seven The Force Awakens 31st December 2002, Chris and I had been through the worst of it, and were rediscovering eating and sleeping. Although we were still quite ragged in many ways, our health and moods wereContinue reading “Jedi Hobbit”

“Ask a Philostipher ‘n See What He Says”

Part V, first instalment: First published: August 18, 2020 Trigger Warning: May contain nerds, or traces of nerds. I fear I may have overdone the well-known popular-culture references in the previous article. To restore balance, this one instead leans towards niche-ey/obscure/high(ish)brow ones, starting with the title of the piece. Nerdy in-jokes, basically. Not too muchContinue reading ““Ask a Philostipher ‘n See What He Says””

Ask a Philostipher (again) ‘n See What He’s Saying Now

Part V, second instalment: nb: If you’re newly arrived here, this won’t make a lot of sense without reading the previous article. If you have read that, a quick up-to-speed reminder: we were discussing what interposes itself between a person’s stated beliefs and values (armchair/”bloodless” philosophy) and what actually happens, or even what is perceived.Continue reading “Ask a Philostipher (again) ‘n See What He’s Saying Now”


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