Phra Peter Suparo

All Thai monks are called “Phra”- short “ah!” sound, and please ignore the h – it isn’t “fraarrr”. Peter is my name, Suparo is the name I was given at ordination – super-Oh! Not su-PARR-roh.

I am a monk at Wat Thamkrabok in Saraburi province, Thailand, following an off-centre Forest Tradition of Theravadin Buddhism. That’s conservative “old-skool” Buddhism, that sticks to the scriptures compiled in the Pali language shortly after Buddha’s death. We don’t hold with no fancy new notions, although we won’t get snotty if you do. Forest Tradition is the stream in that that wanted to stay simple and secluded, not messing with state-religion, ceremonial functions, and whipping up big donations for big Buddhas, and suchlike.

So if we were Christians we’d be Catholics, and maybe Franciscans. Slightly cranky ones.

I have spent 19 years in this practice, but only 5 as a monk. So I’m no teacher. This blog is for sharing personal experience with fellow travellers and interested parties, with a focus on the practical application of Dhamma principles to overcome the things that are messing us up, as I did with drug addiction back in 2002. The mistakes, idiocies, and frivolities are mine, any good bits are Buddha.

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