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Thamkrabok is open to detox patients. The main challenge is getting into Thailand. Visas continue to be highly restricted – check Thai Embassy website in your country for status. 2 weeks quarantine is also currently required, plus health insurance for a minimum $100,000 of inpatient cover.

15/5/21 Due to the tireless efforts of some friends of ours, and extraordinary generosity on the part of many, all the western monastics at Thamkrabok now have full health insurance cover. Blessings and inexpressable gratitude to all concerned.

11/5/21 The situation in Thailand regarding Covid19 is extremely volatile. Until recently the country had an almost miraculous escape with very few cases being detected, and was preparing to re-open to foreign visitors as fully and as quickly as possible. However, since early April there has been a new wave of infections, including new variants, which is spreading rapidly, while Thailand’s vaccination program is barely underway, and proceeding slowly. Updates as we get them…

7/3/21 Just in case anyone was intending to leap all the hurdles mentioned above and check in for detox from abroad (2 have, so far), please be aware that Thamkrabok will be closed from 1st April for 15 days for tudong (See “Thamkrabok, Sajja-Dhamma, and the Hay” page for an explanation of tudong). This is the only time in the entire year when we do not accept patients.

21/2/21 Prayers and loving kindness requested for our friends and supporters, Peter and Julie K.

15/2/21 Due to the astounding generosity of a number of supporters, some known to us and others not, visa costs for 2021 have now been raised for all 5 western monastics. Thanks and blessings. Fundraising for health insurance costs continues. Please see “Giving” page if you would like to help our work.

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