Ask a Philostipher to Get to the G*&&@m Point, already

Part V, fourth and final instalment At the end of last week’s post, I undertook to put on my serious face (see above), abandon wisecracking and left-field analogies (despite having devoted much of the post to arguing in favour of such things), and then to state as directly as I can how choosing to viewContinue reading “Ask a Philostipher to Get to the G*&&@m Point, already”

Faith Some More

Part VI This will be the last blog post adapted from the original series of articles I wrote for Plus Seven magazine in 2020. Henceforth then, I will (with some relief) abandon any attempt to present a coherent unfolding of linked ideas creating a single body of work, and just write about whatever comes toContinue reading “Faith Some More”

Faith Even More

Part the Final: First published: Plus Seven, September 3, 2020 The previous article discussed “spiritual awakening” generally, and particularly with reference to how something along those lines is so often the crucial “mojo” component in successfully ridding ourselves of addictions and other destructive behaviours. It certainly has been for me. Life can’t be an endlessContinue reading “Faith Even More”