Faith Some More

Part VI This will be the last blog post adapted from the original series of articles I wrote for Plus Seven magazine in 2020. Henceforth then, I will (with some relief) abandon any attempt to present a coherent unfolding of linked ideas creating a single body of work, and just write about whatever comes toContinue reading “Faith Some More”

Ask a Philostipher to Get to the G*&&@m Point, already

Part V, fourth and final instalment At the end of last week’s post, I undertook to put on my serious face (see above), abandon wisecracking and left-field analogies (despite having devoted much of the post to arguing in favour of such things), and then to state as directly as I can how choosing to viewContinue reading “Ask a Philostipher to Get to the G*&&@m Point, already”

Ask a Philostipher (yet again)

Part V, third instalment: This third instalment is intended to be the last, for the time being, that tries to map out the philosophical basis upon which Buddhist beliefs and practices rest. It takes quite an effort of will to decide to draw a line here, since this philosophy section has been growing exponentially outContinue reading “Ask a Philostipher (yet again)”

Ask a Philostipher (again) ‘n See What He’s Saying Now

Part V, second instalment: nb: If you’re newly arrived here, this won’t make a lot of sense without reading the previous article. If you have read that, a quick up-to-speed reminder: we were discussing what interposes itself between a person’s stated beliefs and values (armchair/”bloodless” philosophy) and what actually happens, or even what is perceived.Continue reading “Ask a Philostipher (again) ‘n See What He’s Saying Now”

“Ask a Philostipher ‘n See What He Says”

Part V, first instalment: First published: August 18, 2020 Trigger Warning: May contain nerds, or traces of nerds. I fear I may have overdone the well-known popular-culture references in the previous article. To restore balance, this one instead leans towards niche-ey/obscure/high(ish)brow ones, starting with the title of the piece. Nerdy in-jokes, basically. Not too muchContinue reading ““Ask a Philostipher ‘n See What He Says””

Jedi Hobbit

Part IV: In which popular-culture references begin to spiral out of control. First published August 4, 2020 Plus Seven The Force Awakens 31st December 2002, Chris and I had been through the worst of it, and were rediscovering eating and sleeping. Although we were still quite ragged in many ways, our health and moods wereContinue reading “Jedi Hobbit”

Fellowship of the Bling

Part the Third: First published August 4, 2020 Plus Seven The last article was mainly a story of internal drama. Externally, what was now happening was that I was in a communal room with half-a-dozen assorted westerners, inside a walled compound containing around fifty detox patients overseen by eight or nine monks. This, in turn,Continue reading “Fellowship of the Bling”

Prologue: “Monks, All is Burning”

First published June 13th 2020 “Monks – all is burning. And what is the all that is burning?” – The Fire Sermon, Samyuta Nikaya 35.28 I had a fairly typical upbringing in England. In some respects, anyway, but certainly insofar as: you can safely assume that Buddhist monks weren’t really something that I thought aboutContinue reading “Prologue: “Monks, All is Burning””